Happy Friday friends! This verse is one of my favorites in all of Scripture. As an independent firstborn, I see very few limitations and am usually confident in my ability to make things happen, if I just try hard enough. Cease striving does not come naturally to me. I am guessing some of you struggle […]

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My Mother

I cannot think about Mother’s Day without thinking of my mother. I am convinced that I won the jackpot when it comes to mom’s. This is not a realization that I have come to recently. This was something I knew from a very young age. As I go through various stages of life, I appreciate […]

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Compassionate Like Christ

I have noticed an apathy towards compassion in our culture. Mercy seems out of vogue, even in the evangelical community. In some cases, it seems kindness and grace is frowned upon. It seems we have found ways to justify our behavior. Sometimes, it is tied up in the “American dream”. We seem to believe if […]

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Creation Reveals the Creator

I did not wake up in time to see the sunrise this morning, however, I believe it occurred because I see the light illuminating the clouds. In the same way,  I cannot see God, yet, I can see the evidence of His presence.  Each time I look at the night sky, the sunrise, the beauty […]

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He Is Risen!

Hallelujah! Jesus is Risen!  May you all have a blessed day of celebration, as Jesus is no longer in the grave! Death has been conquered! We have relationship with God and the beautiful hope of eternity in heaven because of what Jesus did for us! Pray that you live in His resurrection power……today and always […]

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Good Friday Moment

Blessed Good Friday friends!  I feel a heaviness in my heart today.  I realize that because of my sin, Jesus lived a perfect life on my behalf and then died a brutal death.  I deserved death, however, instead He died in my place.  He exchanged my sins of the past, present, and future…for His righteousness. […]

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