In my eyes, this is one of the most beautiful love notes ever written. The love of God for the human race, the most amazing love story ever recorded! I am awed by the intimacy, as God describes His love for us. He knows each one of us. He addresses us by name. He refers […]

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Grow In Love

Paul tells us, that above all things we are to put on love. As love is the chief of virtues, and from it all the others grow. As Christians, we should be the most loving people, because we realize how much God loves us. We love in response to the great love and grace we […]

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Unfailing Love

Earlier this week I found myself  anxious and on edge.  I was also disappointed in myself for my lack of faith.  My mind transported me to many other times in my life when my heart felt restless and I struggled with trust.  As I thought about those times, my heart was filled with amazement and […]

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So often it seems we are very content living life in our own strength, until an event occurs that we are unable to control. Maybe it is a diagnosis, a job loss, a disappointment, a life changing decision, or a broken heart. Then, we run to our Heavenly Father. He desires that we run to […]

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Impossible to Victorious

This verse is written in the context of the Israelite people fleeing Egypt under the leadership of Moses. They have reached the Red Sea and the Egyptian army is in pursuit. These words are placed right before God parts the Red Sea, granting His people safety from their former captors. As I reflect on this, […]

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I just love the word…lavish. The dictionary defines it in this way: to give to someone in extravagant and generous quantities, to give someone more than they could ever need. Our Heavenly Father has given us more grace and perfect love than we could ever require. How beautiful is that! Through Jesus our sins are […]

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The Source

I firmly believe we make God too small. We underestimate His role and ability and overestimate our own. In my observation, we often only turn to our Heavenly Father at last resort. We also frequently give the glory for answered prayer to ourselves or other humans. Praising doctors, intellect, luck, ingenuity, and medication instead of […]

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