I heard this quote recently, “Don’t mistake guarding your heart with hardening your heart.” As I pondered those words, I thought about how much truth they contain. I am by nature a very sensitive person. I get me feelings hurt easily. I have found this to be a lifelong struggle. Many times I have uttered […]

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He Listens

Yesterday was the National Day of Prayer. As I was meditating on the significance of prayer for every moment and experience of our lives, this scripture came to mind. I find the words of this verse very beautiful. I am in awe that the God of this Universe takes time to listen to little old […]

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Love Without End

Feeling loved is very likely the best feeling we can experience in this life. How beautiful it is to wake up each morning and know that we are unconditionally loved and accepted by our Heavenly Father! How amazingly awesome it is that we have a God who wants a relationship with us. He desires to […]

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Never Hidden

If you are like me, there are times in this life that feel unsettled. You feel alone. You feel scared. Yet, those of us who are in Christ are never alone. We have no reason to fear. Our God has promised to watch over us. He pledges to protect us. He vows to meet our […]

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Do you realize that as a child of God you have already defeated this world?   Nothing this life can throw at you can take away the victory you have in Christ Jesus.  No evil.  No disease.  No person.  Not even Satan himself.  Nothing!  This verse reminds us that God has overcome the world.  Not might.  […]

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He Is Risen!

Hallelujah! Jesus is Risen!  May you all have a blessed day of celebration, as Jesus is no longer in the grave! Death has been conquered! We have relationship with God and the beautiful hope of eternity in heaven because of what Jesus did for us! Pray that you live in His resurrection power…today and always […]

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Good Friday Moment

Blessed Good Friday friends!  I feel a heaviness in my heart today.  I realize that because of my sin, Jesus lived a perfect life on my behalf and then died a brutal death.  I deserved death, however, instead He died in my place.  He exchanged my sins of the past, present, and future…for His righteousness. […]

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