Entitlement or Thanksgiving

So often in this life, I believe, we fail to experience the joy and gratitude from God’s gifts, because we expect them. We feel that we are entitled to life’s blessings because: we work hard, other people have them, it is just part of the experience of this life, we are good people, or just […]

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This verse comes from one of my favorite chapters in all of the scriptures. As I reflect on my life, I can think of many circumstances that I did not understand and even questioned why they occurred at the time. When I look back on those periods, though difficult, the purpose is clear and I […]

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As I read this verse this morning, I was struck by its simple completeness. As I searched my heart, I thought of many diversions that have taken God’s preeminent place in my life. Some for a season, others for much longer. I am guessing, if you were to be honest, the same is true of […]

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I was driving around town yesterday, I noticed the green leaves of the trees have been replaced by beautiful red and gold ones. Soon these too will be replaced by empty branches, as the beautifully colored leaves will fall to the ground. This caused me to reflect on how quickly the seasons change. The same […]

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A Love That Never Abandons

 Pray that each one of you is able to see the extent of God’s relentless, unending, unchanging, perfect love for you. A love that gave his own Son to die in our place. A love that does not have a limit or breaking point. A love that is unchanged by circumstances. A love that […]

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Just Pray

As I read these words they resonated with me. Our Heavenly Father calls us, His children, to pray for ALL people. I love that word all! He doesn’t say we are to pray for: people who believe like we do, persons with a lifestyle we respect, individuals who request our prayers, or those we feel […]

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