Finding Beauty in the Moments

My son, Paul, is very easy to please. He says that I make the best mac n cheese in the world when I make a box of Kraft. He claims my peanut butter and honey sandwiches are the peak of deliciousness. A simple hunt for bugs in the backyard makes his day. Building Legos is the pinnacle of happiness for my boy. He can find enjoyment in the most basic of experiences. Recently, Paul told me in the most excited voice, “Today will be the best day ever because: we are having chocolate milk with breakfast, mema is visiting before school, I am going to catch “hoppers” at recess, it is art day, I am going to ride my bike after school, and we are having spaghetti for dinner.

As I watch my son…I am reminded to see the awesomness in each creature God created…

….and to fully experience the joy in each detail of life. So often, we are so busy looking ahead to the next big event, or so mired in the stresses of the day, that we fail to truly enjoy the beauty of this present moment. Each season has its struggles and difficulties, yet if we look for them, the simple joys of life are right before our eyes. We just have to see the “beauty in the moments”. Take a moment to enjoy the sunset…chuckle at the silly things your children do or say…make a snowball…have a conversation with a friend…hug your spouse or significant other…eat a piece of chocolate…drive the scenic way home…notice the gorgeous Fall colors…smell a flower…or read a chapter of a book. Enjoy your beautiful moment!


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