The Beauty of Pajama Day

Today was one of my triplets most favorite days of the whole school year…pajama day!  There are few things more wonderful, when you are 8, than waking up and going to school in your cozy, comfy jammies.  Although, my 14 year old suggested that our elementary school is training the students to be “the people of Walmart”.

In fact, my family takes comfort to a new level.  The moment we walk in the door, at any time of day, we put on our pajamas.  I often question why we have so many clothes…when sleepwear is where it is all at.

Being comfortable is one of the most beautiful things about family. The feeling that you do not have to dress up, try to impress, or be someone you are not is like a breathe of fresh air. The knowledge that you are accepted and free to be yourself is priceless. One of my favorite feelings in the world. Oh…and yes…I did write this from my home in my comfy, cozy pajamas!


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