Where Your Treasure Is…So Goes Your Heart


I have heard it said that one’s heart always follows their treasure. When I think of treasure, I think of what we value, what we find our significance in, what we cling to in difficult times.
In those times in life when it feels like the carpet is being pulled out under you…Do you run to check the status of your bank accounts or investments? Do you pour yourself into your work? Do you overeat or over drink? Do you run from person to person sharing your story and collecting human sympathy? Do you retreat inside yourself and block the world out? Do you focus on yourself and your physical appearance, athletic ability, intellect, or talents? Do you retreat into your family like I find myself doing? God wants to be our treasure. He wants to be the one our hearts cling to in the easy carefree times of life…and also in life’s most difficult moments. He wants us to amass our treasure in heaven where it has eternal value…rather than on Earth where it will pass away.

In the verses prior to this one, Jesus reminds us that life is about more than amassing material possessions. He points out that worry is unnecessary because it does not bring about change. He reminds us that worry is a characteristic of unbelievers, we have no reason to worry, because God himself cares and provides for us. Then, he closes with this verse, urging us to exchange the location of our wealth from earth to heaven. By doing this, we are covered with a peace that passes our ability to understand and are living as God intends for us to. I pray that you and I build our treasure in the permanence of heaven…rather than the instability of this earth.

Wherever your treasure is, there the desires of your heart will also be.
Luke 12:34


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