Reflections on Christmas Break


Last day of Christmas vacation…and it has been a wonderful one!  Many memories have been made, and a few lessons have been learned.  Here are 10 of my observations from Christmas vacation:

1.  You can get the flu even if you have had the flu shot.


2.  Pappy and Hannah can successfully bake yummy treats.

3.  Pogo balls are fun for people of all ages.


4.  -18 degrees is very cold.

5.  Legos are not cost effective.  A $50 set takes 1 hour for my son to assemble.  However, it’s a great hour!

6.  Being quarantined with my family for a week due to the flu is not bad….it’s great!


7.  Bumpers are a necessity when bowling with my kids…and watch out behind…sometimes the ball goes the wrong way.

8.  Sledding is fun at any temperature, however, time spent in the snow will end in a snowball fight, where all the kids gang up on mom.


9.  School or no school…sickness or health…everyone wakes up before 6:30.  Play calls!

10.  Circumstances do not have to be perfect…nor events go exactly as planned…to have the most wonderful time.  What makes the experience perfect are the people you are with and the love you share!  Thankful for a beautiful time with both my husband’s and my parent’s, and my precious immediate family.  As my dad would say, “A good time was had by all”.



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