What do you do?

image What do you do?  I have been asked that question at least 5 times over the past week.  To be honest, I always cringe a bit when I hear it.  It seems to reduce a full life to a simple sentence.  I get it, it’s a conversation starter.  It gives us some insight into the person we are conversing with.  However, there is so much more to life than what we do.

When I hear the question, so many thoughts go through my head.  I instantly list to myself the things I do.  l volunteer to read with each of the students in my triplets 2nd grade class each Thursday.  I home school my 14 year old two days a week.  I mentor a third grader who needs a friend and a math tutor.  I facilitate a fellowship group that meets monthly.  I mentor a couple of college girls.  I feed my family of 6, three meals a day.  I clean my house…I lead a bible study…I write…I run a bus service for 4 children…I play fantasy football…I pray…I grocery shop…I listen…I volunteer in the early childhood department of my church…I do mounds of laundry…I tutor a 9th grader in algebra…I volunteer at church with our college brunch…I am a pastor’s wife…I am a mother.

That sounds like a full life, however, my mind next travels to what I do not do.  The areas that I am not really gifted in.  I am not very crafty, I do not have a pinterest account or an etsy store.  In fact, sewing on a button taxes my skills.  I do not have a job that earns a paycheck. Before children, I was a teacher.  I enjoyed it thoroughly,  but I enjoy my own children more.   I am not a great cook.  Standard diner food from my kitchen with an emphasis on standard.  I am not an athlete nor a workout queen.  I love watching sports….key word….watching.   For now, chasing kids is my idea of exercise.  I am not a great decorator.  My husband has a better eye than I do.  I am not gifted at applying makeup or styling hair.  The few times I have needed to look professional,  my 14 year old has fixed me up.  I am not a public speaker.  I am shy.  My cheeks burn red when I speak in a group.  My palms get moist.  I have to script my Bible study.  I have no exceptional musical ability. Sure, I can carry a tune in the shower, but that is the extent of my skills.image The reality is: I am a follower of Christ, a wife, and a mother. God has gifted each of us differently with the skills He wants us to use for His glory. We are not called to find our glory or our value in the things this world deems worthy. Rather, we are valuable because of who we are in Christ. There is nothing we can do to make us more acceptable to God. Jesus Christ did it all on the cross. I often say that my favorite verb is “be”. You probably are thinking, who has a favorite verb! This world is all about performance and doing. Yet, being in relationship with God, being in fellowship with His people, being in the presence of family, being able to serve, and being together with friends, is where we find fulfillment in this life. So, maybe the question should really be….How are you being? Just a thought!


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