Saturday Moments

There are 52 Saturdays in every year.  Almost every one is filled with activities, celebrations, or busy fun.  However, about 10 Saturdays a year, something truly wonderful occurs.  We wake up to absolutely nothing we have to do, and declare it, “Pajama Day”.  Today is one of those days!


Based on the name you can probably gather that we stay in our pajamas all day long.  Something about wearing  jammies, creates a feeling of freedom and comfort, that my family enjoys.  Even more than that, is the feeling of togetherness it brings as we:  read, share silly stories, play games,  build with legos, laugh, create crafts, and cook as a family.


In this busy life we all live, sometimes it is hard to find the moments to really spend quality time with each other.  There is a desire to be present with our children.  However, not always a plan for how to do it.  Pajama Day is one way that works for us.  So….here’s to a special day of family bonding!


One thought on “Saturday Moments

  1. What a wonderful idea for families! After my first husband died and I had two little girls to comfort, we often spend Saturdays in our pj’s just reading, playing games and watching TV while eating lots of popcorn. Although my daughters are now mothers – they still remember those days!


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