Moments with a Goldfish

Our pet goldfish, Chuck, went to fish heaven last night.  He lived 5 years in my daughter, Hannah’s, bedroom and was the best fish you could ask for.  In Hannah’s words, “He always swam to the top of the tank to greet you, when you walked into the room”.  Many tears have been shed at Chuck’s passing.  Vows have been made, never to get another goldfish, because he could not compare to Chuck.  Funeral arrangements are in full swing this morning, a burial spot selected, and a eulogy is being prepared.  

The eulogy contains such truth as:  He was a good fish, he always shook his fin at you when you looked at him, he seemed genuinely happy to see you, and he liked everybody.  Also, he did not look like anything special, just an average goldfish, but he was so much more.  The eulogy concludes with these words, “It was better to have loved Chuck and to have him die, then to never get to know and love him.” 

I think there is a lot of takeaway from the simple words my children used to describe a 99 cent Walmart goldfish.  You obviously cannot judge a book by its cover.  While one may look average on the outside, it is the heart that matters, and it may be extraordinary.   Building a relationship and expressing an interest in people truly matters and makes an impression.  Lastly, love freely, if even for a short time, you will never regret it.


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