Spring Break Scrapbook


Spring break has come to an end.  I must admit, I am sad it is over.  If I was asked to name my favorite school break as a mother, I would hands down answer, Spring break!  There is nothing quite like enduring two months secluded in the house due to:  cold temperatures, snow, and sickness.  Then, for one glorious week, the sun shines, the parks open, the kids are healthy, and no alarms need to be set.  It is a wake up call that summer is coming, and a world of activities will soon be available.

Our break was full of all of our favorite things. I thought I would share our Spring break scrapbook with you…


On Monday, Hannah got her learners permit. I had the surreal experience of being chauffeured by her around our neighborhood. We also went to the park for a picnic and a family game of soccer. We concluded the day with a family bike ride and ice cream sandwiches.


On Tuesday, we went to Chapungu Sculpture Park. I watched the kids run up and down the “volcano”. We all played “kick the can”. I commented as Paul and Hannah played at the edge of the water that, “someone was going to fall in”. Sure enough, they both fell in, which made for a lot of laughs.


On Wednesday, the car broke down, as we headed out of our house to visit the library. Not exactly how I planned on the day going. However, in our effort to turn lemons into lemonade, we borrowed a car from the repair shop, and continued with our day. We looked like a rolling billboard, and 3 car seats in the back of a Honda Accord is a bit much, but it just added to our adventure. After the library we took a walk at one of the natural areas. We saw lots of wildlife, but our favorite was the otter. We enjoyed watching him glide through the water.


On Thursday, we went to Oldtown Fort Collins to the Chocolate Cafe. I bought a groupon. 😉 We shared two very decadent chocolate desserts, and enjoyed every minute of it. We walked around Oldtown stopping at the bookstore to read a few books, the toy store to pet their rabbit “Bailey”, and the tea shop for a pot of tea to share.


On Friday, we went to the pet store to visit with the animals. Then, we all went bowling. I must admit, my skills are lacking. But, who cares about skills. We all had a crazy fun time!


The best thing about this break was that we were all together. We did not do anything extravagant. We did not go on vacation. We did not even go more than 10 miles from our home. Yet, we enjoyed each other and God’s beautiful creation. That’s perfection to me!


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