Dad’s Notes


Yesterday, I received an email from my dad.  As I read it, tears filled my eyes.  I thought about all the times he has written to me during my life: a poem at my birth, the letters he sent me while I was away at college, the card he sent me when Hannah was born, among others.  Although, in many ways he is a man of few words, when he feels led, he opens his heart.

So many times in life, we think thoughts in our head, yet never share them.  Therefore, the person never knows how we truly felt about them.  I know my dad loves me because he told me so.  His actions backed up his words.  We never know how many opportunities we will have, to tell a person how truly special they are.  Let me encourage you to write a note and tell someone how you really feel about them.  You will not regret it…and they will treasure it forever!

Here is mine~


It is impossible that my thoughts.       would stray from you as I am mindful of how precious you are to me. I am so very proud of you. You are the best of daughters that a dad could ever have been given. You love your family, your care for your children is most exemplary way. It is not only that your care for each of your children and Craig, but you are completely unselfish in your priorities and concerns.

I know that these are hard days for you and I pray constantly for your relief. Please do not sacrifice your needed rest.

I love you.



One thought on “Dad’s Notes

  1. So precious. The art of correspondence has been greatly lost. Emails do help. So do text messages. That’s how I keep up with kids and grandkids. But to receive a hand-written note is especially precious.


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