If I had to think of a word that would sum up our sabbatical so far, it would be “togetherness”.  For the past two weeks the six of us have been practically inseparable.  It is a rare gift in this world, when one can have time away to focus on growing in Christ and growing as a family.  I had some concerns entering this period, but they have been alleviated.


Two weeks ago, I could not have imagined how easily the four kids have embraced sharing a bedroom.  Living in 600 sq feet with a family of six seemed a bit daunting.  I knew the triplets would enjoy the close quarters, as they prefer to all share a bedroom.  However, our 15 year old has surprised me.  Who knew they could not only share a bedroom, but a twin bed too!


Before arriving I wondered how I was going to be able to entertain the kids without the many toys they enjoy at home.  We wanted a very simple existence:  free of media, video games, and expensive experiences. It has encouraged my heart to watch them use their imaginations to just simply “play together”.  Whether indoor tea parties or outdoor sand castle building…lots of fun has been had.


If you look very closely you will see four little heads in the top window.  They were greeting Craig and I after we returned from a walk.  They were so excited to see us after we were gone for thirty minutes.  I would say the best thing about the past two weeks is the new appreciation we have developed for each other.  That excitement about sitting around the dinner table and talking.  The joy of building blanket forts with your siblings.  The peace of sipping tea and watching the sunset with your spouse.  The moments when no words need to be spoken…the presence of those you love fill and warm your heart.


One thought on “Togetherness

  1. rebbecca,I am so happy &thankful that you have had this opportunity to get away rom the world. You really needed this time, 7god knew exactly what would be best for you. amen,Amen,ptPTL GOD is GREAT.LOVE YOU ALL, mISS YOU BUNCHES


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