Capable with Christ


If you are like me, in some circumstances you feel capable, and in others completely lost. We cannot see the forrest for the trees. I think we all struggle with our own fallibity and limitations in certain areas of our lives. Some may experience this due to physical limitations, others due to emotional limitations and feelings of insecurity, still others due to circumstances they feel are out of their control and greater than their ability to overcome. The solution to all of these hurdles is to look beyond ourselves and our own abilities. The answer is in the one who conquered sin and death for us…Jesus Christ! Not only does He give us the strength and power to live in this world, but also the ability to overcome this world. Pray we realize we are conquers…not in and of ourselves…rather in Jesus!

In all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us.  Romans 8:37


One thought on “Capable with Christ

  1. Thanks, Rebecca.that so speaks to my heart& my circumstances. Going from an active able-bodied person to a brain-damaged hemiplegic. Iwas so miserable until I startedlooking beyond,&letting Jesusinto my hert. Today, I am contnt, filled with joy, &using my God-given artistic talent to bless othersinstead of wallowing in my ownpity-party. God is great!!!


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