Moving Day


After spending 6 weeks with 6 people in 600 square feet in Downtown Steamboat, yesterday was moving day. Due to circumstances, we were unable to stay in the same location for the whole 9 weeks, and were required to move to a condo near the mountain for the remainder of our time.


The past six weeks have been full of memories and experiences. The togetherness has been wonderful. The shared bathroom, something all families should probably endure. It is definitely an exercise in patience.

In many ways it has been a difficult time. Crohn’s Disease robbed me of many of my usual abilities, especially for the first four weeks. Just the walk up three flights of stairs to enter the apartment was challenging. At times I felt as though I was letting my family down by my inabilities. I felt like I missed things that I wanted to be a part of. I felt bad that Craig had to take care of me, instead of enjoying the outdoor activities he loves.


As we packed to move out this morning, I was in a much better place than when we moved in six weeks prior. I walked up and down the stairs with ease. I could think clearly. I no longer walked bent over due to pain. I was not shaky. Life felt possible…not impossible. My God has brought about tremendous healing in my life and will continue. Someday soon I pray the pain will be completely gone, not just tolerable.


As we begin our time in this new location, I am praying that it will be a new beginning. A place of renewed health. I am thankful for the recovery that has taken place and look forward to the time of feeling good and family fun that lie ahead. I believe from experience, that nothing makes a person appreciate health more than not having it for a period. Therefore, I am going to enjoy, embrace, and see the beauty in each moment…as it is a beautiful gift that should not be taken for granted. Thankful~



2 thoughts on “Moving Day

  1. Oh, Rebecca, I can so relate on so many levels. Having been “robbed” of the ability to walk, hike, garden.I can walk short distances with assistance, but no more 4-5 mile doggie walks. I use the word robbed, but in reality, I sit in my wheelchair filled with Grace &joy as I do my card ministry. Upon entering my studio each morning, I stop briefly &ask Jesus to be with me. then I open the north-facing blinds,which floods the room with perfect natural light for drawing. i have also been opening the window, for fresh air & views of our lovely front garden. Tim does such a nice job, & he too, has “waited on me for 10 yrs. now. i have had the best month since my stroke ten yrs.ago. Largely due to sleeping better on a comfy new mattress. In my lifetime, I have moved 16 times & lived in 4 different states. Only death will cause me to leave my beloved Colorado. I take nothing for granted anymore,&am deeply grateful &in awe of God’s grace & wonders.


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