The ABCs of Me

A is for Arkansas. The state where I attended college.

B is for Buster Douglas, the boxer. In the mid 90s, we went on a couple of dates. Yes, there is a story here! It’s also for Broadway. I love musicals, and was involved in the drama club throughout my education.

C is for Craig, my husband of 22 years.

D is for Dallas.  I was born in Dallas, TX and was given the nickname Dallas in college. It is also for the Dallas Cowboys, my favorite sports team.

E is for Early Childhood Education, which was my major at John Brown University, where I graduated in 1995.

F is for First Baptist Academy in Dallas, where I attended high school and graduated in 1991.

G is for Grace Academy of Dallas, where I taught 5th and 6th grade math and science for 3 years.

H is for Hannah, which is both my maiden name and my eldest daughters first name.

I is for Ipod. I love music of all styles. My Ipod holds close to 8000 songs, at any one time. Music is important to me…I think of it as the soundtrack to life.

J is for Jesus, the one who died for me. I put my faith completely in Him when I was 4 years old. I knelt in front of my toy box and prayed, acknowledging my sin and need for a Savior.

K is for Knott Rd. Craig and I bought our first home on Knott Road, when we moved to Washington state, for our first pastorate. At the time, I was 24 and he 28. We brought all 4 of our kids home from the hospital to this house. Oh the memories!

L is for library. I met Craig at the Dallas Theological Seminary library. I was working over my winter break from college, and he was a Seminary student. He claims I shushed him, for talking too loud. It ironic that my parents also met in the library, while they were both attending college at Philadelphia College of Bible.

M is for miscarriage. I had 4 miscarriages between my oldest, Hannah, and the triplets birth. It’s also for mother, the role I always dreamed of filling.

N is for Nancy. I have one younger sibling, a sister named Nancy. It is also for the Nashville Network. Back in 1994, I appeared on their show, Dance USA. I love to dance and love country music.


O is for outdoors. I love to be outdoors exploring God’s creation.

P is for Paul. My only son is named Paul after my father-in-law. It is also for park ranger, one of my aspirations before deciding on an education major.

Q is for quiet. I love to wake up really early, while everyone is still asleep. I watch the sunrise, read my Bible, and enjoy the beauty of the stillness.

R is for rabbit. Growing up I had a little fluffy white rabbit as a pet. His name was Pinky. I would dress him in doll clothes, and treat him like my baby.

S is for surgery. I have had multiple surgeries in my life due to Crohn’s Disease. I have many scars. They are my tattoos because they tell the story of my life. S is also for sunshine. I love that feeling of warmth on my skin.


T is for Toyota Tercel. My first car was a 1981 burnt orange Toyota Tercel purchased for 500 bucks. It did not have a stereo, so I carried a CD boom box in the backseat that I plugged into the lighter. I drove that car for 7 years.

U is for uniform. I wore a uniform to both junior high and high school. It consisted of the typical plaid skirt and oxford blouse. I was not a fan of the idea.

V is for vacation. I absolutely love going on vacation. I love seeing and experiencing new things and cultures. It keeps life exciting. Probably my 3 favorite places are: Vancouver, Zurich, Banff National Park, and Steamboat.

W is for work study. I worked throughout college in the cafeteria. On my first day, I was a server. However, I hit the counter when handing a tray of food to one of the soccer team members. He ended up with mashed potatoes all over his uniform. It was decided that serving was not for me. So, for the next 3 years, I scanned meal cards and greeted diners. I loved it!

X is for xtra. I had to improvise a bit there. When it was time to leave or say goodbye as a child, I would always say, “just 2 more minutes”. I said it so often, my maternal grandfather nicknamed me “2 minutes”. Never have liked goodbye!

Y is for yummy! I have lots of favorite foods. I am a bit of a junk food junkie. Some of my favorites are: coffee, candy corn, licorice, pancakes, cinnamon rolls, caramel, and regular not diet Coke.

Z is for Zach. The name of my class pet when I was a teacher. He was a dwarf hamster. I also had 2 fire-bellied newts. They were named, “Fig Newton” and “Newt Gingrich”.


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