Perfect Sunday Afternoon

There are few things more enjoyable on a Sunday afternoon, than watching a football game.  My love for NFL football began when I was very young.  Growing up in Dallas offered me few options, but to become a Dallas Cowboy fan.  My mother was a passionate fan.  When I was in the 5th grade she made me pass a written test on the game of football.  I was tested on the details of the game and it’s rules in both multiple choice and essay form. I thank her for this now, although, my knowledge does not appeal to all women, it sure makes conversations with men easier.  When the conversation lulls, bring up football.

My mom, her sister, and dad had season tickets to the Dallas Cowboy games back when Tom Landry was the coach.  About three times a season, I would get to attend the games with them.  I would excitedly cheer for the “Boys” while munching on nachos and cotton candy.  On the weeks they had away games, we would sit glued to the TV set.  My dad would watch, often while simultaneously reading, as he did not share my mother’s enthusiasm for the sport. If the Cowboys did not win, my mother would be upset, and would not cook dinner.  We would instead have cold sandwiches.  I would sit staring at the TV screen, hands folded, praying for a victory and a hot dinner.  Looking back, I treasure these childhood moments.  I love my mother’s passion and loyal spirit.  A cold sandwich for dinner was a small price to pay…for all she taught me…and the experiences we shared.

As life moved on, and I moved away from Dallas, my passion for the Dallas Cowboys has not waned.  I call them my first love.  After spending 12 years as a resident of Washington State, I grew an affinity for the Seattle Seahawks.  My 2nd love.  After 5 years in Colorado, the Denver Broncos have grown on me.  My 3rd love!

Any given Sunday, you will find me and my family snuggled together on the “Football Couch” (2 couches pushed together to create a giant bed as seen in picture).  I love cheering for my “‘boys” while snuggling with my favorite people, making memories as a family. Last week we watched the Packers play.  Lily asked why the fans wore cheese on their heads.  Rachel responded, ” Because the Packers are from Swissconsin”.  Lily replied, “Swissconsin, that makes good sense than, as to why they are wearing swiss cheese on their heads”.  We all had a good laugh and now we will call it Swissconsin as an inside family joke.

Oh…I have yet to decide whether I will give my 4 children the football test that my mother gave me.  However, regardless of that decision, I pray I pass on the same love and passion for the game to them that she instilled in me.


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