Just Pray


I am a quiet, introverted person by nature. However, if you know me well, you realize I feel and love very deeply. My dominant spiritual gift is mercy. I tend to lead with my heart. At times, I really dislike this about myself. It complicates life, leads to many tears, and points me to my own inadequacy in fixing the many difficult and tragic situations of life. As a child I recall praying that God would take this “gift” away from me and give me another. As I have aged, I can see the beauty in it despite its challenges.

So often I hear of a person with cancer, a family struggling, an atrocity happening halfway around the world, a sick child, or a life taken too quickly and my heart says this is wrong and I want to “fix” it. The reality is, I cannot fix everything. My words or tears cannot fix our broken world. What I can do is pray! I can put the situation or person in God’s hands fully trusting He knows what is best and how to truly resolve it, whether, that be on this Earth or in eternity. God calls us to pray without ceasing. That means we pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ who face awful horrors for their belief. That means we pray for those burdened with cancer and other diseases. That means we pray for the families in crisis. We pray for the homeless, mentally ill, and drug addicted. We pray for our country and our government. We have a voice…it is called prayer. My prayer is that we put the burdens of this world in the always able hands of our Heavenly Father…and pray continually…today and always!

Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful. Colossians 4:2


One thought on “Just Pray

  1. Rebecca, when mypain becomes almost intolerable as it did Friday after being in the car for long periods, I remind myself,”Look what Jesus went through for me. If he could withstand that pain &torture, I can certainly deal with hhis on the short-term. Thanks again for your insights &wonderful thoughts.


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