Daddy’s Girl


As a pastor’s family, Sunday mornings are particularly busy at our house. My husband, Craig, is headed to church about 6:50 am. I then get the four kids ready and we head to church about two hours later. This past Sunday, I was not feeling well and my in laws agreed to pick up the children and sit with them in church. As we prepared for church, Lily told me she was concerned that “Daddy would be lonely all alone on the front row”. She decided she would like to sit with him to keep him company.

As she spoke these words, I flashed back to my childhood. My father was a Seminary professor and itinerant preacher. Many a Sunday morning, I would follow him to the church he was preaching at while the rest of the family attended the church we were members of, “so he would not be lonely”. Often, I would sit on the front row of an unfamiliar church all alone, so young my feet did not yet touch the floor, in my Sunday best, listening to my Daddy preach. I would beam with pride, as I heard him share God’s word with an attentive audience.

I remember a particular church in Dallas that he would preach at often. It had beautiful blue carpet, white pews, and a center aisle. I remember sitting on the front row at the conclusion of one of the services. I told my Daddy that I believed this was the most gorgeous sanctuary I had ever seen. He looked me in the eye and said, “Someday, I am going to walk you down this aisle on your wedding day”. I remembered that conversation and treasured it in my heart from that moment on. When Craig asked me to marry him 20 years ago this week, I instantly knew where the wedding would be held. On June 15, 1996…my Daddy walked me down the aisle in that sanctuary I remembered from my childhood. Often, it feels like life comes full circle. Sweet Lily is a Daddy’s girl just like her mommy was. Someday, Craig will go from holding her hand on the front row of church to walking her down the aisle. Just like her mommy did before her. Brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it. ♡



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