All We Want For Christmas…


The magical time has come, for the annual letters to Santa. As a mother, it brings me joy to look over the past lists of my four children, and see their personalities shine through their list of wants. This year I thought I would share them with you, giving you the opportunity to get to know each of us more personally.

My Hannah is 15 now. I am learning that with increased age comes increased cost. Her list begins with an iPhone 6S. Followed by expensive headphones. The list continues with gift cards to stores like: Aeropastale, Forever 21, and Ulta. She rounds it out with books. An avid reader, she is always reading at least 4 books at the same time. Her favorites are: “The Giver”, “The Hobbit”, “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy, “Frankenstein”, anything by Charlotte Bronte, and the “Hunger Games” series.

My Paul is 9 years old. His list consists of Legos, Legos, and more Legos. Not a lot of variety on my boys list, although he did request an atlas. He has a fascination with the world. He likes to look at the various countries and capitals. Much of his interest is due to watching the World Cup, which opened his eyes to a world bigger than the United States.

My Rachel is also 9. Her list consists of cows. Stuffed cows, plastic cows, ceramic cows, cow crafts, and cow books. She has an unusual love for anything cow. She dreams of being a dairy farmer in Northern California someday. She heard that they pamper the cows there. She is a bit of a silly girl! She loves stuffed animals. I joke with her that she is trying to rescue the stuffed animals of the world, and give them love. She hardly fits in her bed with the menagerie. Rachel says she is dreaming of a “black and white Christmas ” and hears a lot of “mooing” in her future.

My Lily is also 9. My last 3 children are triplets, if you wondered. Her interests are wide and varied. She wants an art set, stuffed panda, Shel Silverstein books, soccer ball, and baking supplies. A perfectionist in every area, she seeks to expand her repertoire of skills. She has dreams of being an art teacher one day.

My husband, Craig, is all about sporting goods and toys. He desires gifts of gear to support his love of hunting, fishing, and mountain biking. I tease him that he has more toys than anyone in the family.

I myself hope for such treasures as: a new crock pot, jammies, Dallas Cowboy trinkets, and handmade crafts accompanied by hugs and kisses. As I read my list, I wonder when I got so boring as to ask for a crock pot and jammies for Christmas. Motherhood definitely changes things. The things that once seemed so important and essential, seem far less important when you are entrusted with the care of four human beings. It becomes more enjoyable to watch them experience the joy of Christmas…than to receive gifts.

There are few experiences better than seeing the awe on your child’s face on Christmas morning! I can only imagine the joy our Heavenly Father feels when we in awe gaze upon the true gift of Christmas, Jesus Christ. The greatest gift of all!


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