Moments with Mary


As a mother, I am drawn to this verse written by Luke. If I were completely honest, I would tell you that I did not even notice it until my first child was born. Fifteen years ago, I was holding my 8 month old Hannah and reading my Bible, when these words literally jumped right off the page to me. I now understood what it was to treasure moments and memories in my heart, and to replay them often. I thought about the first time I held Hannah, the first time I fed Hannah and looked down to see the satisfied look on her face, the first time she fell asleep in her Daddy’s arms, the look on my parents face when they beheld her for the first time, her first smile, or the look of excitement on her face when she saw me in the morning. These are some of the many treasures I store in my memory.

How Mary must have replayed the events of Jesus birth in her mind! I can imagine she often remembered Gabriel’s visit to inform her of the impending birth. She probably could visualize and even recall the smell of the stable on that December night. She possibly thought about the starry night, and the shepherds and wisemen who came to visit her Jesus. She most likely could recollect the major milestones of her child’s development. After all, she was a mother, the mother God chose to carry His one and only Son. Beautiful that Luke chose to include these words about Mary, to allow us to understand and relate to her.

But Mary treasured all these things in her heart and thought about them often. Luke 2:19


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