Baking with Pappy


Hannah and her Pappy are baking today. It is an annual tradition that I both love and fear. The time they spend together is priceless…the end product usually a catastrophe. Take the trifle of 5 years ago, extravagant?  Yes, except for the nausea and vomiting that followed for 6 of the 8 family members. Then, came the gingerbread cookies that were so salty and dry they were more suitable for Christmas tree ornaments than edibles. Next, the worst debacle in their baking history. The hard peppermint and cinnamon candy. You see, rather than 3 drops of peppermint flavoring, they added a whole bottle. The smell permeated the house, coughing and wheezing ensued. We opened the doors and windows in the sub – freezing temperatures and took much of the unfinished candy to the outside trash can. I developed hives because of my allergic response to the extreme smell and had a rash for 2 weeks. Finally, last year a moderate success. They decided to try their hand at making soft pretzels. After catching the first batch on fire, literally. The second batch was a raging success, and served to the family with mustard. No bad after effects either. So it is with a bit of apprehension, that I begin today. However, three things I know for sure. There will be lots of fun, laughter, and memories. What could be a better end product?


One thought on “Baking with Pappy

  1. Wow, that history of baking goof ups could be a comedy sketch – so glad the pretzels were a success this year. So fun and funny this baking team of your family. Happy New Year to you and them!


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