Gazing at God’s Attributes

As I was recently driving through Grand Teton National Park, I observed that the mountains appeared different to me from every angle.  Their facets ever changing based on my position in reference to them.  Their beauty ever transforming in response to the light of the sun and moon. 

I was reminded of the attributes of God. Like the mountains before me, He does not change.  He is immutable.  However, my perspective of His attributes does.  As we journey through our lives, we are drawn to and comforted by His many characteristics.  When we feel unloved…we are keenly aware of His unconditional love for us.  When we feel weak…we are upheld by His perfect power.  When we feel alone…we are touched by His omnipresence.  When we feel unjustly treated by people…we revel in His perfect justice.  When we lack wisdom…we rest in His omniscience.  When our world and the people around us seem to be ever changing…we are thankful for His faithfulness.  When we are troubled by our imperfection and sin…we surrender to His perfection He bestows on us through the blood of His Son. 

God’s attributes take on a new and different beauty depending on what we are facing in our lives.  Our perspective as we gaze upon Him, colors how we perceive Him.  The reality is, He never changes.  However, our circumstances do.   I believe this enables us to see our Heavenly Father more clearly and to fully appreciate His nature.  Just as a mountain looks different depending on the lens we are observing it through and the time and season that we look upon it…so God’s attributes reveal themselves differently and more completely when seen through the various lenses and seasons of our life.  Pray we stare into the eyes of our God and grow in our knowledge of His character finding our comfort in who He is…today and always!

The steadfast love of the LORD never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.  Lamentations 3:22-23


2 thoughts on “Gazing at God’s Attributes

  1. Isn’t it simply wonderful how the Father speaks to us through His creation? I just returned from seeing the Smokey Mountains and the Gulf Coast…and my heart was reminded over and over of His love for us. Indeed He never changes. Beautiful post!


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