Moments of Being


If you know me well, you know I have favorites of everything. I become very excited when I get to experience one of my “favorites”. My favorite donut is blueberry cake. My favorite sandwich is a club with avocado. My favorite dessert is white cake with white icing. My favorite color is hot pink. My favorite place is Banff National Park. My favorite car is a black jeep that is jacked up. I could go on and on into the completely mundane. However, I will conclude this list with my favorite verb. I know, I know, who has a favorite verb? I do! It is “to be”. Much of this life is characterized by doing. However, when I boil this existence down, my favorite moments are those spent just being. Being present with those I love is the pinnacle of joy.

I love those times as a family where nothing is planned. Those times conversation and fun just organically happen. Whether it is a snow day at home, a Saturday with no plans, a camping trip, or a relaxed time around the kitchen table that allows for the beauty of presence with one another.

I love those moments of being with my Savior. Those times when the things of this world are stripped away. When I can be alone in a quiet spot with my Heavenly Father.

So often I hear the question, what are you doing? I truly believe, that although doing with and for our loved ones and God is important, it is at least equally if not more important “to be” with them. It is in presence…that growth occurs.

“Be still and know that I am God.”
Psalm 46:10a


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