Moments of Waiting


Waiting patiently does not come naturally to us, as humans. Just think about a hungry infant, and it becomes evident that we struggle with this from birth. In fact, the manifestations of our impatience are made obvious every day. As we drive down the street, horns blare to demonstrate our inability to wait. While standing in line at the grocery store, mumbling occurs to express our frustration. Tempers flare when our precious time is waisted.

However, God asks us to “wait patiently” twice in this one little verse. We know that God planned the days of our lives before we were even conceived. Now, he wants us to trust Him, as He unveils His plans for us in His perfect timing. This life is less about doing, and more about waiting and trusting. Pray you are brave and confident by the power of the Holy Spirit…as you wait expectantly for what God will do…today and always!

Wait patiently for the Lord . Be brave and courageous. Yes, wait patiently for the Lord Psalm 27:14


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