Back to School and Letting Go

The day I have dreaded almost here! Yes, I am one of those mothers that are less than excited about the start of school. I could list a multitude of reasons. I like being with my children. Back to school symbolizes the end of summer, and I love summer. We now have to wake up to an alarm each morning. My days are no longer full of play, conversations with little people, snuggles, and giggles. I return to spending countless hours a day in my mommyvan. The freedom of the break is over. I am reminded that my children are growing up and I am not ready for that.

However, if I were to dig deeper, I would tell you the hardest part of back to school is letting go. I like to hold on tightly. Returning to school prohibits me from being in control of many of the circumstances in my children’s life. I may not be present when they do not understand something. I may not be able to defend them if someone says something unkind. I may not be able to observe their playground behavior and make sure it is “safe”. I may not be able to monitor everything that they are taught to ensure it is correct according to my biblical world view.

This is an ongoing struggle for me as a mother. The mathematical side of me has searched for the perfect formula to ensure the parenting outcome I desire. Sadly, it does not exist. I have come to the conclusion that a large part of motherhood is about “letting go and letting God”. I can teach my children to make wise choices. I can encourage them to weigh all of the information they are given against what God says in the Bible, to discern if it is truth. Yet the reality is, I cannot control everything for my children. I cannot make things happen or avoid their happening to create the “perfect” childhood. All I can do is pray continually for my babies and trust that God knows what He is doing, and what is best for each of my unique offspring. So, as I tearfully drop them off at our neighborhood elementary school on Monday morning, I will once again pray and trust God with their precious lives. Letting go is never easy…but a necessary part of being a parent. 


3 thoughts on “Back to School and Letting Go

  1. I understand completely. It is a very hard thing to let go, but we can be thankful for the summers of special memories and grateful that God has entrusted you with these precious lives. I cried my eyes out thru college years when you and Nancy would go back to school. I’m proud of you both and the fine Christian women you have become. Keep looking to Him for your guidance and strength. He is forever with us and will be with those we love.


  2. I have had to remember that God loves my children (and my grandchildren) even more than I do. He is there when I cannot be, and He will provide the strength and courage for them to do that which He directs. Our children have grown into incredible adults with families of their own, notwithstanding the fact that when they were young, I had significant doubts about whether I would ever be able to say this. Prayer and allowing them to excel and fail, both on their own, was both difficult and rewarding.


  3. rebecca,I can relate to letting go. It doesn”t get easierwhen they are grown. I was reading Hebrews yesterday, &it says we areto turn or rloved ones over to Him, & he will care for them. that struck me, because Max has had many struggles, &I oft forget to just put him in God”s hand &let go.


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