Celebrate Every Moment

Today is my Hannah’s half birthday. She is 16 1/2. My philosophy is: celebrate everything. Yes, I am one of those people. I have read the blogs and articles about the problem with our generation of parenting. The analysis of what is wrong with participation trophies. I understand it is a commonly held belief that we are spoiling our offspring and setting them up for disappointment.
However, hear me out. I am not talking about big expensive extravaganzas. I have never had one for any of my children. As a large family, we are a party in ourselves. I am not talking about needlessly building up a child’s self esteem by telling them untruths. I believe in brutal honesty presented in a loving way. I am not speaking of lavishing gifts upon them. We all know love cannot be bought.
In celebrating everything, I mean drawing attention to each occasion. For example, this morning the triplets presented Hannah with the handmade cards they designed for her that included such sentiments as: you are the best big sister and we love you. Craig and I wished her a happy half birthday and told her what a gift from God she has been to us. I told her how much I appreciate the many ways she helped me while I was sick and continues to help me. I spoke with her about how proud I am of her ambition and attentiveness to her schoolwork. I told her how much I enjoy laughing and talking with her. I reminded her of how special she is because God loved her enough to send His Son, Jesus, to die in her place. Then, it was off to school for us all.
To me it is beautiful to set aside a few moments to share words and “celebrate” the days. It is cliche to say, but we never know how many opportunities we will have. I have never heard anyone at the end of their life say, “I wish I had celebrated and loved less”. Just my thought! Oh dear, 6 months have passed since she got her license. Now she can drive friends.  


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