Seeing God

The words of this verse speak to my heart, as I understand what Job is feeling as his time of affliction has come to an end, and he is reflecting on what he learned through the experience by speaking with God. I have not encountered trials that compare with what Job faced, yet I do feel what he felt. After the illness and trials of this past couple of years, I can say I know God more deeply. I have seen His power, His ability to heal, His love for me, and His grace and mercy. I have looked in His eyes, like a little child looks into the eyes of their parents as the only means of survival, and He saved and delivered me. Our Heavenly Father has done the same thing for you or He will at some moment in the future. This life has struggles, difficulties, and pains. However, you are never alone during those times. Pray you see God in a new and deeper way as He carries you through the depths and sets your feet on the other side…today and always!

I had only heard about you before, but now I have seen you with my own eyes. Job 42:5


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