As I read this verse this morning, I was struck by its simple completeness. As I searched my heart, I thought of many diversions that have taken God’s preeminent place in my life. Some for a season, others for much longer. I am guessing, if you were to be honest, the same is true of you. God does not call us to put Him first in our lives because He needs to be the center of attention or is egotistical. Rather, His design as the Creator, is when we elevate Him to the preeminent position in our lives, the other areas fall into place. We are able to experience peace in ALL situations…His perfect peace. Hence, The motive of our Heavenly Father’s command to put Him first…is love! We are His children. In the same way that we desire what is best for our children, our Father in Heaven wants the best for His. Pray you elevate God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit…to the most prominent place in your heart…today and always! 

Dear children, keep away from anything that might take God’s place in your hearts.

1 John 5:21


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