Impossible to Victorious

This verse is written in the context of the Israelite people fleeing Egypt under the leadership of Moses. They have reached the Red Sea and the Egyptian army is in pursuit. These words are placed right before God parts the Red Sea, granting His people safety from their former captors. As I reflect on this, I imagine how impossible this situation must have appeared to God’s people. How inevitable recapture or even death must have seemed. Yet, God had a plan and turned their imminent catastrophe into a miraculous victory.

This begs me to search my heart. What are the impossible situations in my life? In your life? Where am I feeling like defeat is inevitable? What about you? Am I allowing the Lord to fight for me or am I fighting for myself? Are you allowing Him to fight for you? Do I trust Him and stay calm? How about you? In what situations in our lives is God planning to turn an imminent catastrophe into a miraculous victory? Pray you and I allow God to fight for us while remaining calm trusting in Him and His perfect plan…today and always!

The Lord himself will fight for you. Just stay calm. Exodus 14:14


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