As a child, I learned very quickly that not everyone liked me, nor did I meet every person’s expectations. My parents taught me that it did not matter what people thought of me, their opinion was not the measure of my worthiness. Rather, I was fully accepted by my Heavenly Father. Not because of something I had done, yet due to something that was done for me. Jesus Christ died on my behalf. I could not live a perfect life, but He did. Since I realized my sinfulness and my inability to live a flawless life, I put my faith fully in Him to save me. He took my sin upon himself at the cross, and gave me His righteousness. It as if I never sinned and always obeyed. I am clothed in His righteousness. My identity is in Him. I am accepted. I am worthy. I am a child of the King.

This reality has served me well through my life as a pastor’s kid, seminary professor’s child, and pastor’s wife. I have truly lived life in a fishbowl, but have lived it in my own unique way, with a confidence that flows from knowing I am fully accepted by my Heavenly Father.

I think about this often as a parent. There is nothing more valuable then knowing one’s identity and finding their self worth in it. The last thing I want for my children is to feel that their value is determined by their peers. I ask myself these questions often…How can I teach my kids to be comfortable in their own skin? How can I instill confidence in my children and a self esteem that flows from the fact that they’re children of God and accepted fully by Him because of what Jesus did? Modeling is a place to start. How can I teach them to find their self worth in God, if I derive my self worth elsewhere? My desire is for each of my children to be secure in Christ alone. Having their identity fully in Christ frees them to be who He made them to be. This is very important, as I believe God made each person with a purpose. If their position in Christ and full acceptance before God is where they derive their confidence, their self-esteem, and their self worth, they can handle anything that their peers throw at them. If the God of this universe finds them acceptable…who cares about those people that just don’t see it. Just my thoughts. 💗

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