My Daddy

I cannot think of Father’s Day without feeling thankful for my Dad, John Hannah. To say I love the guy, is definitely an understatement. There are many qualities that made him the best dad in the world for me, but I will just highlight a few of my favorites.

When I reflect back on my life, my Dad is always there. He was and is very present in my life. While he worked hard, he never missed any of my events, whether large or small. When I was in the hospital for an entire month when I was 19, he would go to work, then immediately come to the hospital and spend the night on the recliner in my tiny room, then awake and get dressed to go to work straight from the hospital. His presence always made me feel special, loved, and safe.

My Dad is a man of few words. He is a quiet reflective type by nature. I have always appreciated his advice and the way he has spoken into my life. He is not one to give you a list of what you need to improve, to nag, or to put forth a list of expectations. However, in his quietness and by example, the message came through loud and clear. In the times I have come to him for his wisdom, he has always been thoughtful, loving, and on point. A beautiful gift in a father.

I really appreciate my Dad’s work ethic. He is a person who never gives up. He has a determination that you rarely see. Even more than that, I appreciate that no task is ever below him. He has been a distinguished professor and head of the Historical Theology Department at Dallas Theological Seminary for over 40 years. He holds 2 doctorates. However, you are more likely to see him washing dishes after fellowships, babysitting at Seminary events, helping a student with a personal problem or a home improvement project, or sewing a grandaughters tattered stuffed animal. He is always a servant, which is something I greatly respect about him.

The characteristic that I value the most about my daddy, is his love of Jesus. I have never heard anyone pray like he prays. He paints a gorgeous picture with such sincerety. He really grasps the glory of God. There was never any question about his love of Jesus and the gospel message. He models and lives it every single day.

What can I say? I just love my Dad! I am so proud of him. I am so thankful to have had him as my Daddy. It is said that people often see God through the lense of how they view their fathers. My Dad painted God in a very loving, patient, and gracious way to me. I am very appreciative of that!

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