National Coffee Day

There are two things in this world that always excite me. They are: coffee and free things. I love everything about coffee! The taste, the smell, the warm feeling as it passes through my throat, I could go on and on. In my opinion, there is no wrong time for a cup of joe with sugar and cream.

The idea of something for free, has always grabbed my attention. I think this is a hereditary trait that I inherited from my father. I learned from an early age that if it is free, take it. My dad, notably stood in line at the Texas State Fair to receive free cigarettes when I was about 5 years old, even though he did not smoke nor did my mother. When a new grocery store opened in our neighborhood, he took the family on Friday night to eat a “dinner” composed of free samples. When offered free “chicken hats” at a festival (a stuffed chicken that sits on one’s head) he accepted one for each of us and promptly took a family picture. His face glows with pride after he claims one of his “free prizes”. It seems to some degree, I am the same way. Costco free samples make my day. I always keep the hotel toiletry samples. On tax day, I make my rounds to collect the “free” goodies offered by businesses.

Recently, McDonald’s offered free coffee for *National Coffee Day*. I made my way to the local McDonald’s drive-thru after dropping my children at school. I ordered my coffee with 2 creams and 2 sugars. I glowed when the cashier told me that my total was *free*. I pulled up to the pick up window and was handed my coffee by a smiling employee. In my bliss of receiving my coffee for free, instead of saying “thank you” to the employee, “I love you” came out of my mouth. I was kind of in shock…he was in shock. For a fleeting second I thought, maybe he did not hear me. However, by the look on his face I knew he had. I think I scared the poor kid, because he slammed the window closed rather quickly. I should have predicted something like this would happen. It was the perfect storm for a person like me, prone to occasional “blonde moments”. I was a bit too excited about *free* and *coffee*. I went on to get 2 more free cups of coffee from McDonald’s that day, but made sure I said “thank you” the next time I visited the drive-in window.

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