To Be

***Word of the Week***

The word of the week is the “to be” verb. As you have probably noticed, I am a woman of many favorites. So, it only seems reasonable that I would have a favorite word. That word is “to be”.

Full disclosure, my love language is time. I greatly value presence. Hearing the words “with you” makes my heart sing. Moments together involve a sacrifice of time that can never be recovered, that is a beautiful gift to me. Yet, it even goes beyond that. Our culture values doing. “To do” is the rhythm of life, it seems. We cram as much into our calendars as we possibly can. Often, running ourselves ragged in the process. Draining our energy to the point that we have nothing left to give.

“To Be” is a blissful state to me. It is what I love about Christmas vacation. It is like a lovely parentheses in the busyness of life. Less doing and more being. Together time with those you love is precious. Time away so that we can truly be present with one another is necessary. However, it is my belief that “to be” can happen at any moment. It is not limited to vacation time. The only requirement is the choice to resist the pull of doing and the impulse of distractions. Rather, choosing to be in the moment. Present.

It is breathtaking to me, that our Heavenly Father models to us this gift of being. “To be”, precisely describes His relationship with His children. He is perfectly present and always with us. Never too busy. Always available. Never distracted. Always focused. Never unaware of our needs. Always meeting us where we are at. “To be” is the very definition of God’s relationship with us.

Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me. Psalm 23:4

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