Happy Birthday Triplets

Happy Birthday Paul, Rachel, and Lily! Fourteen years ago today our triplets were born. I can remember parts of the day in extreme detail. I was in the hospital, as I had been for the past 8 weeks of my pregnancy, because of the high risk nature due to multiples and my Crohn’s Disease. Throughout my hospital stay Craig and Hannah had remained by my side. Craig slept on the couch in the room and Hannah on the cushions on the floor. Hannah knew every nurse. She would skip through the hospital halls in the carefree manner of a 6 year old. The staff would bring her treats and Popsicles. Craig remained in tune to my care. Much of our days were spent attached to baby monitors checking on the health of the babies growing in my womb.

This day was a normal day by all accounts. We were awakened by the morning nurse taking my vitals. Then, came breakfast. The hospital often brought us extra food on my tray, so that we could eat as a family. The rest of the morning and early afternoon was a barrage of doctor visits, vital checks, and baby monitoring. Craig would walk Hannah to Riverfront Park to get her outside a bit, but they were never gone more than an hour.

After dinner Craig began to grow concerned. In his words, “He heard water filling my lungs”. In his typical take charge manner, he called the nurse into the room. She was unable to hear anything abnormal with her stethoscope. We attempted to go to bed, when Craig heard the noise again. He requested a doctor come and check me. The Doctor could find nothing unusual. Again, we tried to sleep. Craig could hear the noise even with his head in the pillow. Frustrated, he demanded a chest X-ray. The staff was not pleased. I just wanted to sleep. Craig passionately requested one more check of the noise he heard. Ten minutes after the X-ray, people began running into my room. They were prepping me for a Caesarian and explaining that I was literally drowning. My lungs were over 80% full of water and filling rapidly. I was only 29 weeks along and I begged for just a few more days. Miraculously Craig could hear with his ears what the hospital staff could not hear with instruments and training. We truly believe God saved me and used my Craig.

I wanted to give the babies more time to develop in my womb. As they rolled my bed out of the room towards the operating room, I grabbed the door frame in a last ditch effort to buy more time. I was told I had less than 24 hours to live, and waiting was not an option. I was ready to die to give the babies a better chance of survival, but nobody listened to me.

In the early morning hours of August 6, 2006 Paul Christian, Rachel Joy, and Lily Ann were born. They weighed 2 lbs each. They were quickly transferred to the NICU for what would be a 2 and a half month stay. They had many complications including a brain bleed, swiss cheese holes in the ventricles of the heart, eye disorders leading to blindness, intubation, along with the other trials of being a preemie and learning to eat and breathe outside of the womb. We expected many developmental delays. The future was uncertain.

I was returned to my room shortly after their birth, but things quickly went south. My heart was failing. My blood pressure was 40/20. All my organs were shutting down. I was diagnosed with Eclampsia. I looked at Craig and asked if I was going to die. He did not reply or at least I did not hear him, as I slipt into a coma.

I could write a book about the occurrences of the next weeks and months. (I may some day.) Difficult and scary moments and days made way for God to perform miracles that would astound and amaze me. I do not think my human brain can even fully comprehend all that my Heavenly Father did on our behalf. He truly stepped out of heaven and touched our lives with His healing hands. I am thankful that he not only brought my babies through these dark days, but He saw fit to revive me from my coma, allowed me to learn to walk again, restored all of my bodily systems that had shut down, and blessed me with the abilities and energy to care for and feed my precious children.

Their arrival was not the birth story I would have pictured in my mind. Yet, it is a beautiful testimony to God’s hand of presence and His healing touch in our lives. His graciousness moves me to tears every time I recall the triplets arrival. It was a very wonderful day!

So, Happy 14th Birthday Paul, Rachel, and Lily! Your arrival was dramatic but your presence in our home has perfectly completed our family. You have filled our lives with joy. God gave us a tremendous gift when He gave us you three. I would do it all over again in a heartbeat…this journey has been truly magical!

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