Easter with my Grandparents

Easter brings to mind many memories. I cannot think of the holiday, without immediately thinking of my maternal grandparents, Grammy and Pappy Lupole. To accurately explain why my recollections of Easter are so intertwined with my grandparents, I need to introduce you to these two major influences on my life. Ruth Lupole, my grandmother, was […]

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Seeing God

The words of this verse speak to my heart, as I understand what Job is feeling as his time of affliction has come to an end, and he is reflecting on what he learned through the experience by speaking with God. I have not encountered trials that compare with what Job faced, yet I do […]

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No Accidents

I pray these words speak to your heart and bring you peace as you meditate on the truth that nothing surprises our Heavenly Father. Before the world was spoken into being…He planned the days. Before you and I were conceived…He knew each of our moments. Nothing that occurs is an accident, rather part of God’s […]

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I just love the word…lavish. It is a verb that means to give to someone in extravagant and generous quantities, to give someone more than they could ever need. Our Heavenly Father has given us more grace and perfect love than we could ever need. How beautiful is that! Through Jesus our sins are forgiven…and […]

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From Scarlet to White as Snow

Waking up to a beautiful snowy morning, ice glistens off the trees, and it is very peaceful. As I reflect, I am reminded that because of Jesus, the ugliness and darkness of my sin has been made as beautiful and pure as a snowy morning…forever! May we never forget His graciousness towards us. May we […]

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We all have that one friend that has the gift of encouragement.  We look forward to spending time with them because they make us feel so good. They make everything seem possible and bring sunshine into our days.  As Christ followers, we are called to encourage one another. This command is not just for those […]

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Unfailing Love

Earlier this week I found myself  anxious and on edge.  I was also disappointed in myself for my lack of faith.  My mind transported me to many other times in my life when my heart felt restless and I struggled with trust.  As I thought about those times, my heart was filled with amazement and […]

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