11 Years Ago Tomorrow

 Eleven years ago tomorrow our triplets were born. I can remember parts of the day in extreme detail. I was in the hospital, as I had been for the past 8 weeks of my pregnancy, because of the high risk nature due to multiples and my Crohn’s Disease. Throughout my hospital stay Craig and Hannah […]

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My Daddy

I cannot think of Father’s Day without feeling thankful for my Dad, John Hannah. To say I love the guy, is definitely an understatement. There are many qualities that made him the best dad in the world for me, but I will just highlight a few of my favorites. When I reflect back on my […]

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It’s Been 21 Years!

Yesterday, we are celebrating our 21st anniversary! Being a bit of a hopeless romantic, I enjoy hearing love stories. Whether they are real or fictional, a good love story always grabs my attention. So, I will share mine with my husband of 20 years, Craig. I must be perfectly honest, my husband is much better […]

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When I visualize what it would be like to go before a person of great power, like the president or a monarch, I envision entering their presence meekly and humbly. Probably in fear and trembling. However, the Bible tells us we can come boldly into the presence of Our God, who wields far more power […]

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Happy Friday friends! This verse is one of my favorites in all of Scripture. As an independent firstborn, I see very few limitations and am usually confident in my ability to make things happen, if I just try hard enough. Cease striving does not come naturally to me. I am guessing some of you struggle […]

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My Mother

I cannot think about Mother’s Day without thinking of my mother. I am convinced that I won the jackpot when it comes to mom’s. This is not a realization that I have come to recently. This was something I knew from a very young age. As I go through various stages of life, I appreciate […]

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