Have you ever pondered how often you complain? We grumble about many things: the traffic, our government, our family members, the weather, our church, and the list goes on and on. I recently heard it explained, that complaining is not a harmless activity, but rather a faulty view that the world revolves around us, instead […]

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My Daddy

I cannot think of Father’s Day without feeling thankful for my Dad, John Hannah. To say I love the guy, is definitely an understatement. There are many qualities that made him the best dad in the world for me, but I will just highlight a few of my favorites. When I reflect back on my […]

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Waiting patiently does not come naturally to us, as humans. Just think about a hungry infant and it becomes evident that we struggle with this from birth. In fact, the manifestations of our impatience are made obvious every day. As we drive down the street, horns blare to demonstrate our inability to wait. While standing […]

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I heard this quote recently, “Don’t mistake guarding your heart with hardening your heart.” As I pondered those words, I thought about how much truth they contain. I am by nature a very sensitive person. I get me feelings hurt easily. I have found this to be a lifelong struggle. Many times I have uttered […]

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He Listens

Yesterday was the National Day of Prayer. As I was meditating on the significance of prayer for every moment and experience of our lives, this scripture came to mind. I find the words of this verse very beautiful. I am in awe that the God of this Universe takes time to listen to little old […]

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Love Without End

Feeling loved is very likely the best feeling we can experience in this life. How beautiful it is to wake up each morning and know that we are unconditionally loved and accepted by our Heavenly Father! How amazingly awesome it is that we have a God who wants a relationship with us. He desires to […]

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Never Hidden

If you are like me, there are times in this life that feel unsettled. You feel alone. You feel scared. Yet, those of us who are in Christ are never alone. We have no reason to fear. Our God has promised to watch over us. He pledges to protect us. He vows to meet our […]

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