Easter with my Grandparents

Easter brings to mind many memories. I cannot think of the holiday, without immediately thinking of my maternal grandparents, Grammy and Pappy Lupole. To accurately explain why my recollections of Easter are so intertwined with my grandparents, I need to introduce you to these two major influences on my life. Ruth Lupole, my grandmother, was […]

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Jesus invites us to “come to Him” at the point of our salvation…and continually in this life. He promises us rest. This rest and peace is not like what the world gives. Rather, a deep spiritual rest for the soul. We can rest in His: faithfulness, unconditional love, power, promises, and blood which bought us […]

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As a mother of 4 children, I have bandaged a lot of owies. Some of the wounds large, and others almost invisible. I have noticed that there is a tenderness and a closeness that is necessary, to properly treat a wound. A delicate, caring touch is required. A heart of empathy. A gentleness in applying […]

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I appreciate this reminder to pray! So often prayer seems like a last resort for us. We have tried everything else, so all we have left is prayer. In reality, prayer is our power source. It should be our first thought. It is not the least thing we can do. It is the greatest! Conversely, […]

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I have to think that “wait for the Lord” is mentioned twice in this one short verse, to emphasize it’s importance and perhaps because “waiting” is so difficult for us. The Psalmist reminds us both at the beginning and the end of this scripture to, trust God’s timing. Be strong! Be courageous! Be Patient! Through […]

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Climbing out of the Pit

Most of us at some point in our lives have felt the pit of discouragement. We each have our own reasons that brought us to that point. Whether you are experiencing it today, will experience it in the future, or desire to help someone who is in dismay right now, David offers us an antidote […]

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Difficult Days

The last couple months have not been my favorite. They have been a jumble of sickness, car trouble, and other catastrophes. I love how God meets us in each of the low points and reminds us of His presence. One snowy Saturday evening, Hannah got sick. Craig was overseas. We were out of what she […]

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