To Be

***Word of the Week*** The word of the week is the “to be” verb. As you have probably noticed, I am a woman of many favorites. So, it only seems reasonable that I would have a favorite word. That word is “to be”. Full disclosure, my love language is time. I greatly value presence. Hearing […]

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Beyond a Baby in a Manger

Sometimes I think people see the baby in the Manger and believe that is the end of the story. If that is all we see, we have missed the point. The baby Jesus is the “kick off” of God’s redemptive plan for humanity. Next, comes the cross and Jesus’s death on our behalf. He took […]

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Moments with Mary

As a mother, I am drawn to this verse written by Luke. If I were completely honest, I would tell you that I did not even notice it until my first child was born. Eighteen years ago, I was holding my 8 month old, Hannah, and reading my Bible when these words literally jumped right […]

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The Humanity of Jesus

A few years ago, I was potty training my daughter at Christmas time when baby Jesus mysteriously disappeared from our manger scene. Frantic searching ensued. Eventually, He was discovered in the most unlikely location…the training potty. I was appalled! What drove my sweet little daughter to put Jesus in a potty? Horrible thoughts flooded my […]

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Make Room

I recall hearing the Christmas Story as a child and feeling indignation at the fact that there was no room in the inn for Jesus and his parents. How could there be no room for God’s Son? It felt so wrong to 7 year old me. Yet, when I ponder this, I realize that in […]

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The Gift of Grace

Yesterday, I was waiting in a long line at the post office. I was next in line and heard the woman in front of me, who was approximately my age, talk rudely to the clerk. She was unkind and berated the employee. She never even used the common courtesy of saying please or thank you. […]

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My 12 Days of Christmas…

I am one of those people who find joy in many things, yet, I have my favorites. My favorite things always bring a smile to my face and excitement to my heart.   I love to share them with family, friends, and folks I meet.  So…I thought I would share some of them with you.  In […]

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