As I wondered through Oldtown yesterday I saw a family with young children. They ran in and out of the stores purchasing items and food for their children in a very rushed unhappy manor. They stopped at the playground and they set a timer for 2 minutes. In the toy store they allowed 5 minutes […]

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Forgiveness… It has been a recurring theme for the last couple months of my life. Maybe it has been in yours too. In one of Craig’s early sermons he talked about forgiveness and the need to transfer the offenders from our system of justice to God’s by remove them from the jail of our hearts […]

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Nothing Too Difficult

Since I was a very young child, I have been in awe of the world around me. I find the rocks, rivers, moon, mountains, animals, and stars are mesmerizing and beautiful. I am drawn to creation because in it I see the attributes of my Heavenly Father. As I gaze upon His work, I am […]

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I appreciate this reminder to pray! So often prayer seems like a last resort for us. We have tried everything else, so all we have left is prayer. In reality, prayer is our power source. It should be our first thought. It is not the least thing we can do. It is the greatest! Conversely, […]

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Difficult Days

The last couple months have not been my favorite. They have been a jumble of sickness, car trouble, and other catastrophes. I love how God meets us in each of the low points and reminds us of His presence. One snowy Saturday evening, Hannah got sick. Craig was overseas. We were out of what she […]

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Just Pray

As I read these words they resonated with me. Our Heavenly Father calls us, His children, to pray for ALL people. I love that word all! He doesn’t say we are to pray for: people who believe like we do, persons with a lifestyle we respect, individuals who request our prayers, or those we feel […]

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Difficult Moments…or Days

The last five days have not been my favorite.  It all began on Friday evening, when I walked downstairs and sunk into squishy carpet.  At first, I thought the kids had spilled something, then quickly realized this was much bigger than that.  Our water heater was leaking.  Nothing like making this discovery at 9 pm […]

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Make Room

I recently visited a coffee shop by myself. A beautiful moment to read and write with no interruptions. I sat down at a two person table and put my bags on the other chair. I flashed back to my single days, when I would often fill the extra chair with my belongings, to prohibit a […]

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No Need to Fear

As I was reading this morning, this verse caught my attention. Jesus chooses the most gentle, tender, caring words to express to us that we do not need to fear. He describes us as God’s little flock that He delights in caring for. He reminds us that we have nothing to fear, because God is […]

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