As a child, I learned very quickly that not everyone liked me, nor did I meet every person’s expectations. My parents taught me that it did not matter what people thought of me, their opinion was not the measure of my worthiness. Rather, I was fully accepted by my Heavenly Father. Not because of something […]

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To me, this is one of the most beautiful love notes ever written, and the love of God for the human race the most amazing love story ever recorded! I am awed by the intimacy, as God describes His love for us. He knows each one of us. He addresses us by name. He refers […]

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What If?

Happy Friday friends! It is easy in the days we live in to get caught up in the “what ifs”. Whether it be in the area of politics, health, economics, or relationships…we can rapidly descend into anxiety and fear. We feel with enough effort we can control them. Yet, they take our eyes off of […]

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Moments with Mary

As a mother, I am drawn to this verse written by Luke. If I were completely honest, I would tell you that I did not even notice it until my first child was born. Eighteen years ago, I was holding my 8 month old, Hannah, and reading my Bible when these words literally jumped right […]

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My 12 Days of Christmas…

I am one of those people who find joy in many things, yet, I have my favorites. My favorite things always bring a smile to my face and excitement to my heart.   I love to share them with family, friends, and folks I meet.  So…I thought I would share some of them with you.  In […]

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Unconditionally Loved

My son, Paul, brought this beautiful Thanksgiving gift home from school when he was in 1st grade. At first glance, I noticed his precious little hands were used to make the feathers of the turkey. However, what I found most intriguing was the paragraph about what he is thankful for. I think his words truly […]

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Forgiveness… It has been a recurring theme for the last couple months of my life. Maybe it has been in yours too. In one of Craig’s early sermons he talked about forgiveness and the need to transfer the offenders from our system of justice to God’s by remove them from the jail of our hearts […]

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My Life Verse

I am often asked what my favorite scripture is. I always answer that Acts 20:24 is my life verse. I first heard it in Sunday School in first grade when my teacher, Mrs. Mack, shared it with us. I remember pondering the words in my heart. I reasoned that I wanted everyone to know that […]

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Nothing Too Difficult

Since I was a very young child, I have been in awe of the world around me. I find the rocks, rivers, moon, mountains, animals, and stars are mesmerizing and beautiful. I am drawn to creation because in it I see the attributes of my Heavenly Father. As I gaze upon His work, I am […]

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