True confession. I have felt angry at God. As most of you know, I have wanted to be a mama since I can remember. When asked what I wanted to be when I grew up I always confidently responded, “A mother”. I had no plan B. I got married at 23 and had my first […]

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This verse comes from one of my favorite chapters in all of the scriptures. As I reflect on my life, I can think of many circumstances that I did not understand and even questioned why they occurred at the time. When I look back on those periods, though difficult, the purpose is clear and I […]

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Seeing God

The words of this verse speak to my heart, as I understand what Job is feeling as his time of affliction has come to an end, and he is reflecting on what he learned through the experience by speaking with God. I have not encountered trials that compare with what Job faced, yet I do […]

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I pray these words speak to your heart as you wrap up another week. I believe we often underestimate God and what He is capable of. In many ways, we project humanness on Him. Therefore, we are not able to see the limitless capabilities of our Heavenly Father. Maybe, our little human brains are not […]

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Ten Years Ago Today

Ten years ago today our triplets were born.  I can remember parts of the day in extreme detail. I was in the hospital, as I had been for the past 8 weeks of my pregnancy, because of the  high risk nature due to multiples and my Crohn’s Disease.  Throughout my hospital stay Craig and Hannah […]

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Moments in the Desert

I think we can all think of periods of our life that could best be described as deserts. Times when we felt trapped by our circumstances. Moments when life felt like a struggle and joy seemed elusive. I think many of us struggle with loneliness and a sense of needing deliverance during these periods. I […]

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Infinitely Able

I pray the words of this scripture speak to your heart as you go about your busy and challenging week. I think often in this journey of life, we underestimate God and what He can do. We, in a way, project human characteristics or limits on God’s abilities. We trust and expect too little. I […]

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