As I wondered through Oldtown yesterday I saw a family with young children. They ran in and out of the stores purchasing items and food for their children in a very rushed unhappy manor. They stopped at the playground and they set a timer for 2 minutes. In the toy store they allowed 5 minutes […]

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Lovingly Planned

So often I hear the phrase, “I just need direction in my life”. We all have those moments where we are just bouncing through the days and the occurrences seem pointless.  Possibly even meaningless. Job reminds us that our path is laid out by our Heavenly Father with His divine purpose in mind.  He has […]

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Do you know that nothing about you is an accident?  There is not one thing in your life that is happenstance.  God was intentional when He created you.  He had a purpose for you before you were conceived.  Whether or not you appreciate each of the details of you and your journey, you can trust […]

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Jesus our Anchor

If you are like me, there are times when you feel like you are just doing things. Being bounced through life without a plan or purpose. You feel directionless and ungrounded. However, as Christ followers we have a destination based on the hope we have through Jesus. That future we have, grounds us for our […]

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