My Daddy

I cannot think of Father’s Day without feeling thankful for my Dad, John Hannah. To say I love the guy, is definitely an understatement. There are many qualities that made him the best dad in the world for me, but I will just highlight a few of my favorites. When I reflect back on my […]

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What If?

Happy Friday friends! It is easy in the days we live in to get caught up in the “what ifs”. Whether it be in the area of politics, health, economics, or relationships…we can rapidly descend into anxiety and fear. We feel with enough effort we can control them. Yet, they take our eyes off of […]

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Love Without End

Feeling loved is very likely the best feeling we can experience in this life. How beautiful it is to wake up each morning and know that we are unconditionally loved and accepted by our Heavenly Father! How amazingly awesome it is that we have a God who wants a relationship with us. He desires to […]

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Do you realize that as a child of God you have already defeated this world?   Nothing this life can throw at you can take away the victory you have in Christ Jesus.  No evil.  No disease.  No person.  Not even Satan himself.  Nothing!  This verse reminds us that God has overcome the world.  Not might.  […]

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As a mother of 4 children, I have bandaged a lot of owies. Some of the wounds large, and others almost invisible. I have noticed that there is a tenderness and a closeness that is necessary, to properly treat a wound. A delicate, caring touch is required. A heart of empathy. A gentleness in applying […]

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Difficult Days

The last couple months have not been my favorite. They have been a jumble of sickness, car trouble, and other catastrophes. I love how God meets us in each of the low points and reminds us of His presence. One snowy Saturday evening, Hannah got sick. Craig was overseas. We were out of what she […]

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This verse comes from one of my favorite chapters in all of the scriptures. As I reflect on my life, I can think of many circumstances that I did not understand and even questioned why they occurred at the time. When I look back on those periods, though difficult, the purpose is clear and I […]

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Infinite Care

God created the beauty that surrounds us. He made the heavens that spread out before us in the night sky. He controls the wind and the rain. He formed the mountains. He created the intricate details of every living thing. The Lord’s power, creativity, perfection, and love are evident in the world around us. His […]

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Just Cling

At times I find myself overwhelmed. It feels as though I am pulled in many directions and there is not enough time or energy to meet the demands. Other times, I am hurt. I open my heart up and it feels stomped on. In these moments, I long to be a turtle. Then, I could […]

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The Rock

As I read this verse, my mind flashes to the times in my life that all that I had to cling to was my Heavenly Father. The times when all my pride, own strength, health, and abilities were stripped away and I could feel the presence of my Lord carrying me. Thankful for my Rock […]

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